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What's The Jacquard Knitted Fabric
- Apr 02, 2018 -

What's the jacquard knitted fabric

提花针织物(英文:jacquard knitted fabric )采用提花组织织成的带有浮线的针织物。针织(knitting)是利用织针把各种原料和品种的纱线构成线圈、再经串套连接成针织物的工艺过程。针织物质地松软,有良好的抗皱性与透气性,并有较大的延伸性与弹性,穿着舒适。针织产品除供服用和装饰用外,还可用于工农业以及医疗卫生和国防等领域。针织分手工针织和机器针织两类。提花面料又可分为家纺用料和时装面料,早在古丝绸之路,中国丝绸就以提花织造的方式名扬世界。提花是对双面织物来说的,分完全提花和不完全提花;手工针织使用棒针,历史悠久,技艺精巧,花形灵活多变,在民间得到广泛流传和发展。1982年在中国江陵马山战国墓出土丝织品中有带状单面纬编两色提花丝针织物,是至今已发现的最早手工针织品,距今约2200多年。根据这一文物可以推断中国手工针织的起源还要更早一些。机器针织始于1589年,英国人W.李从手工编织得到启示而创制了第一台手摇针织机。它有3500多个零件,钩针排列成行,一次可以编织16只线圈。中国第一家汗衫针织厂在1896年创建于上海。中国第一家织袜厂于1907年建立在广州。

Jacquard knitted fabric (English: jacquard knitted fabric) is knitted with jacquard weave knitted fabric with floating line. Knitting (knitting) is a technological process of knitting knitted fabric by knitting needles, which are made up of yarn of various raw materials and varieties. Knitted fabric is soft and has good wrinkle resistance and breathability. It has large extension and elasticity, and is comfortable to wear. Knitted products can be used not only for clothing and decoration, but also for industry, agriculture, health care, national defense and so on. Knitwear is divided into two types: hand knit and machine knit. Jacquard fabrics can also be divided into home textiles and fashion fabrics. As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous for its world in jacquard weaving. Jacquard is a double-sided fabric, divided into complete jacquard and incomplete jacquard; hand knit with rod needle, long history, skillfully skillfully, flexible flower shape, widely spread and developed in the folk. In 1982, in the tomb of the Warring States of Mashan, Jiangling, China was unearthed with a strip of weft knitted two colored jacquard knitted fabric. It was the earliest handmade knitwear that has been discovered so far, about 2200 years ago. According to this cultural relic, we can infer that the origin of Chinese hand knitted fabric is earlier. The machine knitting began in 1589, and the British W. Lee inspired the first hand knitting machine from manual knitting. It has more than 3500 parts, the crochet is arranged in rows, and 16 coils can be knitted at one time. The first sweater knitting mill in China was founded in Shanghai in 1896. China's first knitted socks factory was established in Guangzhou in 1907.

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