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What Processes Do You Need To Experience In A Tie Customization
- Mar 11, 2018 -

For a regular and large enterprise or company, dressing is particularly important, because it not only directly displays the inner spirit of the enterprise, but also reflects the external image at all times. Therefore, in order to establish a good image, the general enterprise will customize the exclusive employees' clothing, for short, the professional dress. In a complete set of occupation, plays a role in the finishing touch is the tie. So, what are the processes that the tie will experience during the customization process? Let professional manufacturers - Shengzhou Shuangli custom tie tie brings a detailed answer for us!

As a company with 15 years of dedicated tie customization services to manufacturers, in the process of Shengzhou Shuangli tie for every enterprise and customer tie customized services, will strictly abide by the standards of the customization process, in order to achieve a better tie for customers to create customized products, and customized services target. Its standard customization process is divided into the following eight steps:

First, after receiving a customized demand order, Shengzhou Shuangli tie will conduct a detailed research based on customer demand, in order to obtain more information and specific requirements;

In a clear demand, Shengzhou double tie will start a professional design team to design program;

Secondly, it is an experienced and skilled production team to make samples.

After the sample comes out, the company will send the internal personnel to send the sample to the customer's hands for confirmation.

After the confirmation is unmistakable, the mass production will be carried out.

At this point, the necktie customization process has been done most, but the most important step is to carry out the quality inspection.

In the inspection after the Shengzhou Shuangli tie will be free delivery, ready customized products intact by tie the hands of customers.

In addition, the necktie customization process has the last step, which is after service. In this case, the tie customization process can draw a perfect end.

Through the introduction of the above we can see that the tie in the customization process is not only a standardized process, and strict quality control, especially as the world's top 500 enterprises in Shengzhou Shuangli tie tie, to control the tie in more detailed customization, only to provide customized products and services to better tie more enterprise.

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