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What Is The Source Of The Tie? What's The Usage
- Mar 04, 2018 -

The tie is born in the seventeenth Century male fashion collar decoration, which is the most primitive form of existence. The man dressed very complicated things, fancy ruffled shirt, tights, flounces, velvet fabrics and so on are modern women's favorite elements, the girl Rococo mixed together is squandering charming eyes, it seems to now pursue the androgynous small meat has a wonderful atmosphere of different approaches but equally satisfactory results.

By eighteenth Century, the neck decorations were removed from the clothes. A special piece of cloth will be used for the appearance of a senior bow that does not seem to be able to be seen. In nineteenth Century the tie has already begun to take the modern version of the spirit. It was not until 1920s that, thanks to Jesse Langsdorf, the real sense of modern ties was born. He has innovated the technology of necktie fabric cutting, and tie is no longer left to tie up because of knotting, which leads to a series of new tie ties. The tie stood on the heel and began to fully occupy the men's routine.

Now tie basically followed the end of the nineteenth Century strip style, 45 degrees oblique cutting, clip cloth, silk, length and width have a certain standard, a variety of color patterns. After the development of several centuries, with the advancement of civilization, tie more and more exquisite and fine art, from the style, color trends more perfect, more beautiful.

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