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What Is The Shortcoming Of Polyester Fabric
- Apr 02, 2018 -

What is the shortcoming of polyester fabric?


What are the shortcomings of polyester fiber fabric? Polyester fiber is still more common in daily life. What are the shortcomings of the polyester fiber? First, the poor hygroscopic property of polyester fiber is due to its texture; anti solubility heterodyne, poor permeability, easy to adsorb dust and static electricity; secondly, its dyed function is poor and needs to be dyed with disperse dyestuffs at high temperature.


Polyester fabric


Polyester fabric


First, polyester fiber's hygroscopic character and heterodyne. When people wear clothes made of polyester fiber, there will be a burning feeling. This is extraordinarily difficult for its comfort.


Two. The solubilization of polyester fabric is poor. If there is a matter of ash, or Mars, the clothing made of polyester fiber will show holes, which is a flaw in the comparison of polyester fiber for death. When wearing, we should try to avoid touch of cigarette butts and sparks.


Three, the permeability of polyester fabric is poor, often wear the body for a long time will feel the contrast heat, so usually polyester fabric will be selected to do winter clothing, this is a certain impact on the comfort.


Four, polyester cloth easily adsorb dust and generate static electricity. The winter windy sand, can fantasies wear polyester fiber cloth clothing is very simple to infect the dust, not only form unpleasing, the most annoying is the static electricity, not only feel the stabbing, suppose that the trousers will be close to the skin because of the static relationship, completely lose the trousers type, very unpleasing.


Five. The dyeing function of polyester fabric is poor. Generally polyester fabric as industrial use will not be simple dyeing, it must be treated with severe process, it is a matter of contrast, so the dyeability of polyester fabric is one of its defects.


For the defect of polyester fiber, we should fully understand the defects of polyester fiber in the days, because it is especially large in our daily life, it will be in many places in our days.

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