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What Is Jacquard Knitted Fabric
- Apr 02, 2018 -

What is jacquard knitted fabric


Characteristics of jacquard fabric

1、实际生产中,小提花组织织物以色织为多,经纬纱全部或部分异色,或者采用不同原料、 不同细度、捻度、捻向等经纬纱搭配,也可以使用花式纱线。

1. In actual production, the fabric of small jacquard fabric is woven with color, all or part of the warp and weft yarn, or with different raw materials, different fineness, twist, twisting and other warp and weft yarns, and fancy yarns can be used.

2、小提花组织织物外观紧密、细致,花纹不很突出、夸张,多用于薄型织物,且应用日趋 广泛。

2, jacquard weave fabric is compact and meticulous, and its pattern is not very prominent and exaggerated. It is widely used in thin fabrics and its application is more and more extensive.


Jacquard knitted fabric refers to knitted fabric with floating line woven by jacquard group. Jacquard fabrics can also be divided into home textiles and fashion fabrics. As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous for its world in jacquard weaving. Jacquard is a double-sided fabric, divided into complete jacquard and incomplete jacquard; in the process of weaving jacquard, all the needles in the upper needle are fully jacquard, and the top needle is involved in the ring of incomplete jacquard.

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