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What Does A Great Tie Go Through
- May 06, 2018 -

What does a great tie go through

Elegance and calm are the requirements of civilized society for men, and neckties undoubtedly make the best image annotation for gentlemen's unique and deep heart. With its excellent production technology, rich production experience and high quality material selection, Goldlion, the leader of the tie, provides excellent image accessories for the gentlemen.

Behind the exquisite silk necktie, there is no doubt that there are layers of progressive complex processes. Every Goldlion necktie needs 11 processes. Cutting, picking, car angle, small scalding, hot, stitching, sewing, trademark small climbing, needle inspection, whole ironing, quality inspection and packing, 11 necktie craftsmen have their own duties, such as the magician, the fabric of the big piece into a delicate tie.

Taking tailoring as an example, the tailor cut the fabric into a set of tie cutting pieces by half hand and semi mechanically according to the cutting line of the fabric. Not only to cut the fabric, but also to cut the lining, lining and head cloth of the tie. Then the pick will check every piece of cloth and pick out the defective pieces to avoid the impact on the finished products.

The quality of tie depends not only on the workmanship but also on the fabric. All along, as the soul of the brand, the fabric provides an absolute advantage for tie.Shuangli ties are mostly made of mulberry silk and polyester fabrics, but also silk blended fabrics.

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