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What Color Is The Tie
- Apr 07, 2018 -

What color is the tie?

Wearing silver gray and milky white suits, suitable for wearing scarlet, Zhu Hong, dark green, sea blue and brown black tie will give people a sense of quiet, beautiful and desolate.

Wearing red and purple suits, it is suitable for wearing neckties such as milk white, milk yellow, silver grey, lake blue and emerald green, so as to show a kind of elegant and luxurious effect.

Wear dark blue, dark green suit, suitable for wearing orange, cream, light blue, rose tie, so wearing will give people a deep and implicit sense of beauty.

Wearing a brown and dark green suit, suitable for wearing the tie of sky blue, cream and orange, will show a graceful and elegant demeanor.

Wearing black and brown suits is suitable for wearing silver gray, ivory, blue, white red stripes or blue black stripes tie, which will be more dignified and generous.

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