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What Are The Points For Men To Wear Ties
- Apr 07, 2018 -

What are the points for men to wear ties?

This is a very big problem. I can only try to answer it as far as I know. 1, tie, scarf, tie what is the difference? In order to determine its definition, I and the questioner pass through, the above three refers to tie, scarf, bow tie. simply: Tie: suitable for any occasion in the daytime with the use of suits and shirts, and at night is not particularly formal. Neck scarf: scarf (or scarf), a silk scarf in the shirt as shown below, was first used as a simplified version of the old collar for the morning dress era for Stock tie, and later developed into a choice for the upper class to replace the tie and tie, which was very popular before 60s and is now used. There are fewer people, generally confined to the entertainment industry, and in the cultural world, in short, there is a literary norm, rarely used in business occasions.

But there is another scarf, cravat, which is a very retro French scarf. It is only used as a matching morning dress at present. This is because the buns, with the needle to a fixed shape, silk is not up to ten times. So it's easy to consume.

Tie: there are two common uses. One is the white tie or black tie used to match the dress. One is a tie that can be used to match any shirt (um, strictly speaking, not including leisure and American shirts). The tie is usually used by a professional, that is, the three division we say (lawyer, division, doctor) And politicians and professors, so that's why Donald Tsang, a former chief executive, has a nickname. It is generally believed that when business leaders wear bow ties, they are more formal than tie. But if it is the kind of lovely type except brightly coloured tie.

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