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What Are The Classifications Of Necktie Itself, Such As Shape, Material And Texture
- Apr 07, 2018 -

What are the classifications of necktie itself, such as shape, material and texture?

The problem is too big. The tie has a history of development, and there are numerous forms from the emergence to the present. Here we are only talking about the common commercial long - strip neckties of modern times. Generally, it is divided into three kinds: polyester, silk and knitted fabric. Polyester can not be considered as a necktie choice in theory. Silk is also divided into two kinds: pure silk, linen or wool. The former is luxurious and the latter is daily. Knitted neckties usually refer to wool, a kind of tie worn during sports. Of course, you can say what necktie and Khu to wear when you exercise. But before cycling is a sport. Now, the general knitting tie is the leisure time, the young man's equipment.

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