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Tie Selection Notes
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Do not completely determine the color of the tie you want to choose based on his age. The direction of the trend and his preference are more reliable.

Do not be afraid of the pattern on the tie is too fancy, this season tie more emphasis on the overall sense of art, decorative and appreciation of the very strong, only the tie in shirt, suit to know about the effect than lining.

Do not give up the right to touch the tie. Only touch their texture, in order to form a more accurate intuition.

Do not neglect the quality of the tie. Hold the wide-brim of the tie in your hand for a while, then release and lightly tap to see if it can quickly regain its smoothness with no crease.

Do not overlook seasonal factors, depending on the season you are about to enter, decide on the fabric you want to choose for your tie. In general, the summer is suitable for buying silk printing tie, spring and autumn for the purchase of yarn-dyed fabric tie.

Do not be tied to the style of the tie he is used to. Everyone needs to be constantly updated, courageously introducing fashion information to him and you will be considered the most admired and unique woman in his sight.

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