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[Tie] Precautions For Wearing A Suit And Tie
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Wear a suit and tie notes

Modern suits have become popular international knowledge as they dress up common sense and cultural definitions. While wearing a suit, the people of the country should also understand the knowledge of daily suits and wear the suit.

1.Single row two buttoned suits, all buckles are not buckled to indicate free, easy, buckle on one face, indicating solemn, all buckles are ignorant; single row three buttoned suits, all buttons are not buckled to indicate casual, relaxed, only buckle A button represents authenticity, with the top two buttons deducted, indicating solemnity and full deduction of ignorance; double-breasted suits can be fully deducted, or only one can be deducted, indicating ease and vogue but not deductible.

2. The cuff label should be removed when it is worn. The outer bag can only be light, thin or not.

3. The shirts must be kept clean. The collar and cufflinks must be buckled; the cuffs of the shirt should be exposed to about 1 cm, and the shirt collar should be 0.5 centimeters higher than the suit collar to protect the suit collar and add beauty.

4. Must wear a tie in formal suits. The color of the tie should be in harmony with the suit color. In informal situations, you can not tie a tie, but you should untie the shirt collar buckle to show casual and free, to avoid giving people a sense of tie.

5. The trousers of the trousers should be hot and straight, and should be the same color as the tops and the same color and depth.

6. The vest can be worn or not, but the dress is grand, and the same material as the top coat can be used instead of the waistcoat.

7. Vulgar clouds: suits and shoes: wear suits must be equipped with shoes, while paying attention to the unity of color and style; hair should also be clean and tidy.

In short, the mainstream of the suit's cultural impression is: there is culture, education, gentlemanly demeanor, and a sense of authority.

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