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Tie Method
- Apr 07, 2018 -

Tie method

A tie is the soul of a suit. In formal communication activities, wearing a suit is the best way to tie ties or bow ties. The necktie length is appropriate to the belt buckle. When wearing vest or sweater, tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually sandwiched between the four or five buttons of the shirt.



Wearing a suit, shirt sleeve suit sleeve should be higher than 1-2 cm, shirt collar collar suit should be higher than 1 cm. The shirt's hem must be put into the pants. Without a tie, the neckline of the shirt should be open. In formal communication occasions, the best color of shirts is white.

Necktie, as the classic classic accessories of men, has become the most frequent ornament in elite men's closet. It is not unusual to tie a tie. If you learn to play 10 tie methods, it will make people look at each other. Introduce the ten neckties. Believe that the step by step and your own practice will soon be easy to get on.

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