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Tie Maintenance Methods
- Feb 09, 2018 -

After use, please untie the bow tie, and gently remove from the knot to avoid pulling the table cloth and lining, so as to avoid permanent rupture of fiber breakage.

After you have finished wearing the knot, fold the tie down or use a tie to hang it up and watch out for the smoothness of the place to avoid scratching the tie.

When driving the seat belt, do not tie the tie inside the seat belt, in order to avoid wrinkles.

Wear the same tie once, please wear after a few days, and the first tie placed in a damp place or spray a little water, to restore the original wrinkles, and then received dry place flat or hanging.

When contaminated with dirt, immediately dry cleaning, handling the folds on the knot please ironing iron ironing at low temperature. Washing and high-temperature ironing easily lead to deformation and damage.

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