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Tie Lining Classification
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Tie lining can be divided into four categories according to the ingredients, polyester lining, grapefruit silk lining, wool lining, wool or grapefruit + polyester blended. Tie should be all the original use of polyester lining, durable, but also suitable for the characteristics of the tie.

Pomelo lining and wool lining basically for export to the United States this piece, due to the quota system at that time, so exports to the United States must tie the necklace with natural raw material of grapefruit silk lining, wool lining. Quota cancellation, but the United States has still followed the customer with pomelo lining, wool lining habits. Feel soft, this is pomelo silk lining, wool lining tie features, but for domestic consumers, in fact, or polyester lining tie more suitable. Pomelo silk lining, wool lining tie can wear less often, easy to deformation. Because the United States consumes more than China, they generally buy 1 dozen and buy a tie, and the number of ties per tie will not exceed 5.

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