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The Whole Process Of Necktie Production
- May 06, 2018 -

The whole process of necktie production

As we all know, tie material is a good silk tie. In winter, it is cashmere, and the material is almost the same. Why is the price difference of tie so large? This involves the production process and brand value of the necktie. Below, the double necktie factory explains the making process of the necktie.

1. Tie design

Color fabric tie: design or think of the pattern to have a certain regularity, and then use a tie to design special software, based on the pattern design can be used on fabric loom software or flower plate.

Print tie: there is no specific rule for the pattern. As long as you can think of it, it can be printed on it. It is sure to make a good picture of the film, that is, the film that is usually said, and then it is made into a floral version.

2. Do necktie fabric

Yarn dyed tie: it is made of dyed silk and woven by machine, so the fabric looks stronger.

Printed necktie: white embryo surface

The material is printed with pigment, soft touch, colorful and brighter.

3. Cutting

First, cut the fabric into the shape of the tie. Notice that it must be cut at 45 degrees. The fabric determines the length of the tie. Then, it is necessary to cut the necktie lining, usually with polyester, silk or wool. The shape of the tie is based on the lining, which is generally divided into straight, small, large bottle, and the individual's preference is different. Finally, you have to cut the necktie in the silk (the back of the tie), and the general tie (or silk tie) is used here to mark the brand, but now it is commonly used in regular fine wire. Also, in order to reflect the grade of tie, make silk with the same fabric as tie, so the cost of fabric is very different.

4. Step forming steps of workers' processing ties

Connect the fabric with the flat car, then combine the silk with the fabric, then put the lining into the lining, the ironing worker is wrapped in the lining, the stitch stitches the necktie fabric with the lining inside (that is, a line in the middle of the tie).


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