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The Use And Maintenance Of Wool Fabrics
- Jun 18, 2018 -

The use and maintenance of wool fabrics
The use of wool fabrics
As a high-grade cashmere product, because of its fine and short fibers, the strength, wear resistance, pilling performance and other indicators of the product are not as good as wool. It is very delicate, and its characteristics are really like "baby" skin, soft, Delicate, smooth and elastic, but do remember that it is delicate and easy to damage, improper use, easy to shorten the use period. When wearing cashmere products, special attention should be paid to reducing the large friction, and the coats matched with cashmere should not be too rough and hard to avoid the frictional damage fiber to reduce the strength or produce pilling.
Wool fabric maintenance
Cashmere is a protein fiber and is particularly susceptible to insects. It should be washed and dried during storage, and a suitable amount of insect repellent should be placed. Pay attention to ventilation and moisture. Pay attention to the “three elements” when washing:
1) Neutral detergent must be used
2) The water temperature is controlled at 30 °C ~ 35 °C
3) Beware of contempt, no force, clean water, net dry, flat, and dry.

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