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The Scrubbing Of The Tie Was At The Time
- Apr 07, 2018 -

The scrubbing of the tie was at the time:

Washing raw material

Such as dry cleaning, washing raw material is high purity alcohol or more than 120 colorless solvent gasoline.

Soak the silk tie for about ten minutes. Use a smooth and needless stick to tap the tie. If the tie is too large, you can gently knead it with your hand, and hang it with a clothes hanger after rinsing. After solvent evaporation, if still tie above a large number of stains, use a soft brush dipped in water gently scrub.

Washing method

Because the necktie fabric is different from the lining material, it is easy to wrinkle after washing, and it is also easy to destroy the luster of the necktie surface. It is not necessary to put the whole tie in the water to wash. It is best to use dry cleaning. Tie ties are easy to stain, and can be placed in a basin filled with gasoline, rubbed or washed by hand. Other dirty areas should be cleaned with cloth and gasoline.

Ironing method

No matter that kind of material tie, do not use high temperature when ironing, otherwise this tie will become ruthless and flat, and tie less.

Ironing must cover a layer of cotton cloth on the surface to avoid contact with the necktie cloth directly. For example, the steam of a steam iron can be used to deal with large area wrinkles, and the edge needs more obvious creases to be ironed.

When ironing, you can use cardboard to cut a tie shape or fold into a tie with a white paper, put in a tie lining, and then gently ironing to prevent the ironing of all sides too dead and ironing without the cloth, but it is appropriate to use low middle temperature and fast ironing to avoid the phenomenon of yellowing and "Aurora". If a tie has a slight fold. Wrinkles can be tightly wrapped on a clean wine bottle, and wrinkles can disappear every other day.

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