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The First Use Of A Tie Is What To Do
- Apr 15, 2018 -

The first use of a tie is what to do

The origin of the tie

What is the earliest tie? It's a difficult question to verify. Because there are few historical records of tie, there are few references to tie ties, and there are many legends about the origin of ties. To sum up, there are the following statements.

Tie protection says:

It was believed that the tie was first originated from Germanic, the Germanic people lived in the old forest in the mountains, draped the blood, warmed the cold in the skin of the animal, and tied the skins around their necks with grass rope in order not to let the skins fall down. As a result, the wind can not be blown through the neck, both warm and windproof, and the grass ropes around their neck were later discovered by the ancient Westerners and gradually improved into ties. Others thought the tie originated from the fishermen by the sea. The fishermen went to the sea to fish. Because the sea wind was cold, the fishermen tied a strip on the neck to keep the wind warm and gradually became a kind of decoration. To protect the human body to adapt to the geographical environment and climatic conditions at that time is an objective factor for the necktie production. This straw rope and ribbon are the most primitive neckties.

The function of the tie says:

It is believed that the origin of tie is due to the needs of people's life and has some uses. There are two legends.

A kind of tie that originated from the collar of a British man is specially designed for men to wipe their mouth. Before the industrial revolution, Britain was also a backward country. The meat was grabbed by hand, and then the big chunks were held on the mouth to gnaw. The adult man was also popular with the beard. The big meat was greasy and the men used the sleeves to wipe them. In order to deal with men's non - clean behavior, women hung a cloth under the collar of men to wipe their mouths. For a long time, the cloth under the collar became a traditional appendage to the British men's coat. After the industrial revolution, Britain developed into a developed capitalist country. People paid much attention to clothing, food and housing. The cloth hanging under the collar evolved into a tie.

Another legend believed that tie was used by the army in order to prevent cold and dust and other practical purposes in the age of Rome empire. The army went to the front to fight, and the wife put a scarf like scarf around their neck for their husbands and friends. They used to bandage and stop bleeding during the war. Later, in order to distinguish soldiers and companies, the scarves with different colors and colors were developed and developed into today's necessity for professional clothing.

Necktie decoration says that the origin of tie is the expression of human beauty. In the middle of seventeenth Century, a Croatia cavalry in the French army triumphed back to Paris. They wore a strong uniform and a scarf on their necks. They were very colorful in various colors. They seemed very energetic and dignified by riding on the horse. Some fashionable dandy in Paris watched and became interested and emulated, and tied a scarf on his collar. On the second day, a minister came to the north, tied a white scarf on his neck and struck a beautiful tie in front of him. King Louis Xiv saw a great admiration and declared the bow tie as a sign of nobility, and ordered the upper class to dress up so.

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