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The Characteristics Of Wool Clothing
- May 13, 2018 -

"Pure wool symbol" is one of the most famous textile fiber trademarks in the world. Since it was launched in 1964, it has been recognized as a symbol of high quality wool products all over the world. More than 5 billion of the world's consumers have experienced the quality assurance it has brought.

"Pure wool sign" is one of the most authoritative certification systems in the world. Through a series of tests on wool products, such as the rate of shrinkage, the durability and color fastness of the clothing, the washing and wearing performance of the wool clothing is optimized.

The quality of the fabric determines the performance of the garment. The wool clothing with "pure wool sign" is your trustworthy product - it meets the requirements of high quality standards, including fiber content, quality and performance.

In addition to the "pure wool symbol", except the raw material must be made of pure and new wool, it is pure 100% pure wool, the new representative does not use regenerated and abandoned wool, and the color fastness and pilling of the product itself should also meet the standards set by the international wool Bureau.

Wool products with pure wool marks means:

Durability of products

Not easy to decolor

Easy washing

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