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Several Kinds Of Neckties
- Apr 07, 2018 -

Several kinds of neckties

It is divided into two types in the form of wide and narrow. The common patterns are divided into the following: one of the oldest lines of A, Paisley's spiral pattern is used in two extremes, either very formal or very playboy. B, Polka round point business people's best choice, but the regular, stable characteristics of C, a plain tie for any occasion to apply D, geometric patterns formal and leisure occasions are applicable, but generally look at the content of the pattern, too PUPPY can only be leisure. E, English twill and American twill are called Legionella, and American is another invention. The answer in another answer in Asia is common in the wrong view that the striped tie is a formal tie. In fact, the formal name of the British stripe tie is the "Legion tie", its color, the width of the lines, and the different armies like the stripe.

Group. Therefore, the old men wore striped ties, which used to distinguish their origins. Later, because the United States was a British colony, most of the officers who ran the US were officers.

"Striped tie is the impression of the right people," so the striped tie is popular in the United States, and the top left and right tie, if I am not mistaken, seems to be BB's own exclusive. Current, striped tie

It's very popular. But in the good old English, the Legion tie is not to be used unless you know clearly about your own Legion (like your father had been in this army, or you were an honorary member).

You can't take it. Only if lawyers, civil servants and politicians can regard it as a daily mark, it is a hidden sub culture. So in Hongkong, you will give an old gentleman in the British government service a striped tie, he will be very surprised. The same stripe effect also exists in scarves and scarves. If you look at Harry Potter, the scarves of the four colleges are different colors and patterns. In Britain, the Department of a famous university almost has a different striped scarf. F, dot and dot are suitable for formal occasions. Dots are suitable for informal leisure occasions. The picture is Bordeaux dot, a regular dot.

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