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Pure Wool Fabric Identification
- Jun 18, 2018 -

Pure wool fabric identification editor
Pure wool fabrics are naturally soft and warm, and they are the preferred fabrics for making upscale suits and overcoats. However, more and more imitation wool fabrics, with the improvement of textile technology, has reached the level of most customers difficult to identify, but the color, warmth, feel, etc. is far less than pure wool fabrics. Here are some ways to identify pure wool fabrics for your reference when selecting clothing and fabrics. One, hand feel. Pure wool fabrics usually feel silky, long-haired fabrics feel smooth and smooth, and the reversed hair has a tingling sensation. In blended or purified fiber products, some are soft, some are soft and loose, and have a sticky feel. Second, look at the color. The pure wool fabric has a natural and soft color, bright and no old feeling. In contrast, blended or purified fabrics have a dark or shiny appearance. Third, look at flexibility. Tighten things by hand, then immediately let go and see the fabric elasticity. Pure wool fabrics have a high rebound rate and can quickly return to their original shape. Blended or chemical fiber products, however, have poorer anti-wrinkle properties, and most of them leave clear traces of creases or slow recovery. Fourth, the combustion method to identify. Take a bundle of yarn and burn it with fire. The smell of pure wool is like burning hair. The smell of synthetic fabrics is like burning plastic. The harder the burned particles are, the more chemical fiber components are. Fifth, single root identification. The hairs of all animals look like scales under the microscope. If they are long hair fabrics, just take a hair and move it up or down as many times as above (in order to master the technique, you can take a hair first Test) If it is an ordinary fabric, take a piece of yarn, and cut the 2cm pieces of two fibers into one hand and place them on the palm of your hand for four or five times to see if they will move.

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