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On The Manufacturing Process Of Jacquard Fabric
- Mar 25, 2018 -

On the manufacturing process of jacquard fabric

Usually a chickadee (pedal) a comprehensive control (equipment lifting warp) to weave patterns, to weave patterns, we need to increase the number of harnesses,

Electronic jacquard rapier loom

Electronic jacquard rapier loom

Two heald frames can weave plain weave, 3 - 4 heald frames can weave twill, more than 5 pieces of heald frame to weave and satin weave.Therefore, to weave complex, flower shaped circular large flowers, must put the warp threads into more groups, more and more mechanized step flower machine gradually formed. According to the "Xi Xi" set: Julu people Chen Baoguang wife conspersa Ling "fabric used one hundred and twenty step", so many fully on weaving is very cumbersome, the three horses were "old lost work days thinking Aya machine fee ling machine change" from the twelve to sixty fully comprehensive step, using beam in jacquard method, which is of convenient operation and improve efficiency.

The flower - based jacquard machine appears in the Eastern Han Dynasty, also called the flower building. It is the representative of the highest achievement of the ancient Chinese weaving technology. It took the wire storage jacquard warp opening procedure, then Quzhou traction line. This is the flower jacquard pattern storage information and a set of procedures, it represented by latitude and longitude line represents the foot line according to the requirements of ear woven patterns. When the machine, fiber line line and enhance foot meridian is, at this time, pull the handle line at the side of the foot line can serve to enhance the role of the relevant meridian. Weaving on two people with one arm gardener sitting three feet high, the flowers in flower liftingheald upstairs one foot bar, weft weaving. The Eastern Han Dynasty Wang Yi "Fu Fu" in the machine, with a slender static female, through the network, multi pitch pose shake, "to describe the weavers and jacquard jacquard industry cooperation manipulation scene.

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