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Men's Tie Wear Handbook
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Many people misunderstand the image of men's suits, always think that the suit is very rigid and lack of change. In fact, both from the evolutionary point of view of a suit and from the appearance of today's men's suits, the suit has a lot of interesting space as a formal dress code for men in official occasions, and the tie is one of them A noteworthy part.

For most men, the existence of the tie is still limited to the occasion of the workplace and banquet occasions, tie or not, the only basis is the difference between work and get off work. As everyone knows, the tie for men, comparable to high heels for women, clever use of ties, you will be praised "Meng Meng da."

Of course, the material is only a property of the tie, color and pattern is the tie can play an important role in multiple functions. Just like Xi Jinping's dolphin, the fashionable exponential curve can go straight up as long as the traditional twill is replaced with a little bit of fun.

The most common style is a striped or solid silk wide tie, which is also the most likely style of appearance in formal occasions.

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