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Jacquard How To Wash
- Feb 09, 2018 -

1. Because jacquard cotton material is not suitable for washing inside the washing machine, so the washing will be more troublesome. We should wash hands, but not hard, otherwise it will lose its elasticity.

2. Put the cold water inside for five or six minutes, not more than 10 minutes. In addition, it is easier to fade, not with other easy to dye clothes together bubble. Then gently wash with detergent or soap, pay attention to washing powder do not pour too much, there are some bubbles like.

3. After washing, do not rub hard dry, you can gently press the water, and then shake open clothes, which is to avoid wrinkles destroy the beauty of clothes; be careful not to put the jacquard cotton in direct sunlight exposure, should be placed in cool and ventilated Dry naturally.

4. clothes to dry later, to carry out maintenance, you can choose the way of ironing, where you need to control the temperature should not be too high, almost 150 degrees like, and at the same time in the operation should be careful not to 摁 in silk , So as to avoid the aurora. When the collection should be hung with a hanger, to maintain its shape, so as to prevent mildew or bacteria.

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