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Jacquard Fabric Market Hot Sale 2017 Popular Classic Jacquard Fabrics?
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Jacquard fabric market hot sale 2017 popular classic jacquard fabrics?
Since the advent of jacquard fabrics, it has always been favored by the market. Maybe no one can tell why the jacquard has such great magic and let the market be crazy for her.

The jacquard fabric is different from the general printed fabric, and the pattern on the fabric is woven and not embroidered. When the fabric is woven, the warp and weft structure is used to form a flower pattern, the yarn count is fine, the needle thread density is high, the shape is not deformed, the color is not faded, and the comfort is good. Jacquard fabrics seem to be more upscale than the post-processed printed fabrics, which are considered real textiles.

When consumers see the costumes of complex and exquisite jacquard fabrics, I wonder if they will be sighed by the deep textile wisdom of the textile people who developed jacquard fabrics. People who don't understand the textile industry may not imagine how complicated the textile knowledge they need as a textile industry practitioner.

Who developed the first jacquard fabric in the world?

According to the "Xijing Miscellaneous Notes": There is a huge deer person Chen Baoguang's wife woven flowers and flowers, "machine use one hundred and twenty", so many kinds of comprehensive weaving is very cumbersome, when the Three Kingdoms Ma Jun "old opportunity to lose money The change of the sun is the change of the 60th. The sixty-sixth comprehensive model is a twelve-in-one comprehensive method, which adopts the method of bundled jacquard, which facilitates the operation and improves the efficiency.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the flower-style jacquard machine appeared as the representative of the highest achievements of ancient Chinese weaving technology. The wisdom of the ancients is really amazing, but the first person to weave jacquard fabrics is not known, but it is certain that this person is really not simple.

The technology of jacquard is constantly developing in today's society, and the functions of jacquard fabrics woven from different textile materials are different. At present, there are many specific varieties of jacquard fabrics on the market, which are mainly divided into two categories:

Cotton-based raw materials: cotton jacquard fabric, human cotton jacquard fabric, pure ramie jacquard fabric, single-sided computer jacquard fabric, single-sided computer double-silk jacquard fabric, elastic jacquard fabric, polyester/cotton Jacquard cloth, polyester-bonded interwoven jacquard cloth, cut flower jacquard cloth, nylon cotton jacquard cloth, terry computer jacquard cloth, cotton silk jacquard cloth, denim jacquard cloth, full polyester jacquard cloth, cotton elastic Jacquard fabric, cotton combed jacquard fabric, cotton yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, full linen jacquard fabric, dyed jacquard fabric, human cotton-dyed jacquard fabric, yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, double-sided computer jacquard fabric , two-color jacquard cloth, silk cotton interwoven jacquard cloth, chenille jacquard cloth, linen jacquard cloth, linen cotton interwoven jacquard cloth, sticky mixed woven jacquard cloth, etc., mainly used in clothing, decorative items, bed Supplies.

Products based on filaments: various jacquard, satin, brocade, enamel, spinning, etc., and brocade, brocade, including silk products. Silk products can be used to make fine patterns such as silk weaving portraits, silk weaves, and flowers, birds, dragons and phoenixes on the surface of jacquards, etc., which are mostly used in clothing, bedding, and decorative items.

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