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How To Tie The Tie
- Apr 15, 2018 -

How to tie the tie

1, prenolepis

Prenolepis men up to play one tie optional, suitable for almost all kinds of material tie. Tip: the holes formed under the bow tie should be uniform and lined on both sides.

2, cross junction

This is a bow tie that is suitable for single color, plain material and thin tie. It is a good idea for men who like to show popularity.

3, double ring knot

A meticulous tie and a double knot can create a sense of fashion, which is suitable for young office workers. The characteristic of the bow tie is that the first lap will be out of second circles, but don't deliberately cover it.

4. Wen Shajie

Windsor knots are suitable for wide collar shirts, and the bow tie should be more horizontal. Avoid wearing too much tie and bow tie.

5, double cross junction

Such a bow tie is easy to make people feel elegant and solemn. It is suitable for formal occasions. The tie should be used in plain and silk tie, collar shirt collocation if not only appropriate and kind of honor.

6, the Prince Albert

For the romantic collar and the sharp neckline shirt, with the soft and soft tie tie, the correct method is to keep a long space in the broad edge, and close together in the second circle to complete the perfect knot.

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