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How To Shrink The Woolen Coat
- May 13, 2018 -

How to shrink the woolen coat

Xiao Bian teaches you how to restore the shrinking wool coat, and I hope your life will be colorful.

1 wool coat will lengthen the fabric in the process of textile, so it expands back and shrinks after water, and the higher the purity, the higher the cashmere property, the easier it is to shrink. Less than 60% of the wool can be washed with washing liquid, but more than 60% of the washing is absolutely shrinking, it is recommended to take the dry cleaning shop washing, pay attention to the number of dry cleaning can not be frequent, generally one or two years wash or so. So try not to get your clothes dirty, and pay attention when you wear them.

2 wash the wool washing liquid (using neutral detergent to clean the pure wool fabric) to beat the dust on the clothes first, or remove the visible dust on the clothes with a special hair stick, and soak with the special wool washing liquid. The specially dirty spots can be thoroughly soaked before the water is washed, and less than ten minutes later. A little water. Rub gently with your fingers, then put the clothes into the water and choose the soaking time according to the degree of dirty clothes. After cleaning the clothes, we must iron the clothes with the iron, put the towel on the clothes when ironing, ironing the clothes through the towel, the iron can not contact the clothes directly, and then put the clothes in the cool and ventilated place to dry after ironing.

3 clean up the clothes, remove the dust on the clothes, and remove the visible dust from the clothes with special sticky hair. Use clean wet towels (towels in warm water), pat on the clothes, and wet the towels to remove the oil.

4. if you leave the dirty thing carelessly outside, you must clean it immediately so as not to leave any traces. If the water is stained with oil, immediately use a dry towel, so that stains are not easy to spread. If you are covered with oil stains, use a hot towel to wipe it gently. Continuous cleaning can reduce the area of sweater stains gradually. When you get home, remember to wipe the towel with a small amount of neutral detergent immediately.

5. first can be wrapped up in a clean white towel, put into the steamer and steam for ten minutes. After taking out, shake the fiber and shake it loose, and then carefully pull it into the original appearance and size, flat on the plate or screen, dry in the dry place, after dry, can restore the original shape.

6 heat up the shrink coat fiber with a steam iron, then stretch the fibers with both hands while using heat. It is impossible to stretch a lot of fibers at a time. Before stretching, the total length of the stretch should be counted, so that the length of the stretch of each section is also a good number. After all, the length of the length is measured by the use of the ruler, such as the length is not enough to repeat. Pay special attention to the size not to overdo and finally make appropriate adjustments.

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