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How To Match The Suit With The Tie And Shirt
- Apr 07, 2018 -

How to match the suit with the tie and shirt

Wearing a suit and tie is not formal enough, but not suitable for formal occasions. Speaking of the tie here, there is a lot of attention.

First look at the color and pattern of the tie, generally speaking, the coloured, twill, round point, and geometric patterns can be matched with any style of suit or shirt. But we should pay attention to the fact that parlour motifs can only be worn when they are in leisure, but when they are at work, they should be avoided.

Look at the three styles of tie: the necktie style is mainly on the width of the tie. The width of the tie is 8-9 centimeters, the width of the tie is 12 centimeters, the narrowest only 5-7 centimeters. Tie is basically divided into three kinds, you can choose according to your hobbies.

By the way, the seasonality of the tie is generally very learned. In the hot summer, it is best to wear light and soft ties such as silk and silk, and the tie knot should be smaller and refreshing. In the autumn and winter, the color is mainly based on warm colors, such as dark red, coffee and other warm colors will feel warm in the sense of vision. In the spring and summer season, cold tone is the main color and warm color is subsidiary.

So how does a tie match with a suit shirt? There is a match called three single, that is to say, three monochromatic collocations are generally more secure. Or two single flower, this kind of dress you have to notice, the only one of them with a pattern or pattern, whether it is a shirt, tie or a suit, then the color of the pattern or pattern must be one of the other two colors. Yes, there is a single flower. If you want to dress like this, you should pay attention to: when there are two patterns or patterns, we must first distinguish the strength and the trend of the patterns. If you wear a straight striped suit or shirt, you should avoid using a straight or striped tie. It's better to use twill, dots, or Paramecium and other non - directional ties.

Then we look at the basic principles of color collocation: silver gray, white suit with red tie, red and purple suit with milk and white tie, dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie, brown and dark green suit with blue tie.

As the saying goes, the details reflect the taste. Although many of the male compatriots are doing their suits now, they are a bit shy about the details of the dress. Today we will talk about the details of men's dress. First, let's learn about a face belt which is called a man's waist.

First, is the decorative belt, some of my friends love carry pagers, mobile phone and so on in the belt. This will affect the decorative quality of the belt very much, which is neither concise nor dry. The length of the second belt. After the belt is fastened, the end should be between the first and second pants ties, that is neither too short nor too long. The width of the third belt. Too narrow belts will make men lose their masculinity. Too wide belts are only suitable for leisure and cowboy style. Generally, the width of the belt should be kept at 3 centimeters. Another thing is to keep the belt fastener and zipper away from a line when they are wearing a belt.

Pants waist is the soul of trousers, the soul of trousers on the pants waist, trouser waist is not suitable for you, if you wear good pants, in the case of natural breathing, not loose and tight just the next hand, which means that the waist is suitable. If you can't stretch out a palm, that's the trousers are thin. If you can put a fist waist that waist fat. The size of trouser waistline for western trousers is exquisite. It can only be changed within 5 centimeters to a small lane, and no more than 3.8 centimeters to big lane. If we go beyond this range, we will change the original shape of trousers.

Pants also need to pay attention to, the middle folding line of trousers must be unbiased, straight and natural to the upper, only such a center line can support the quality of the British trousers. The length of trousers should be just behind the heel and upper side. If you want to make your legs look more slender, so leg length can also be extended to the 1/2 at the heel of the shoe. In addition, the belt must be 5 centimeters longer than the trousers when buying the belt. That is to say, if you wear trousers of size 35, then the belt should be bought 36.

In the life of men must not be between the trousers and shoes to reveal a white socks. Because white socks and light colored cotton socks are only suitable for sports and leisure wear. Generally speaking, the colors of men's socks should be basic neutral colors, and they are deeper than those of trousers. The color of socks is the most fashionable and concise match with the color of suits. The length of the socks should also be paid attention to. Too long socks will be rustic. Too short socks will show you some skin on your legs when you sit down or one leg on another leg. So the length of socks is about below the calf.

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