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How To Hand Wash The Silk Necktie
- Apr 21, 2018 -

How to hand wash the silk necktie

Silk neckties are made from fragile fabrics. If there is ink, coffee or juice to stain the silk neckties, those stains are hard to wash. They will remain on silk neckties for a long time. Even if you can wash away the stains, the cleaning process also damages the silk tie and affects its appearance. This is particularly evident on the silk tie, so be careful to protect the silk tie at the beginning, avoiding the juice and other stains.

If it is unfortunate to stain the silk necktie, you can use the paper towel or handkerchief to press the stain to dry the juice. Remember not to smear those stains, as this will enlarge the scope of smear. You can try using a wet towel to wipe the stains and see if you can remove it. Then you can blow the towel dry with a hair dryer. Note that the hairdryer should not be taken too close to the silk tie, because the fabric will be damaged by high temperature.

If the above method is not successful, you can try to wash silk tie with clean water. Be careful:

1. washing with water or causing a contraction of the silk tie.

2. do not put the silk tie in the washing machine to avoid the distortion of the silk tie.

First, dip the stain into the water, then wipe the stain with your hands. If you want to use a cleaner, make sure that it is mild, and try it on the back of the silk tie (or where the silk tie will not be seen) to try to see if it will wash off the color of the silk tie or damage the fabric.

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