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How To Dry Clean The Woolen Coat At Home
- May 13, 2018 -

How to dry clean the woolen coat at home

Do not wear too dirty and wash

The wool coat is not too dirty to wash again, even if it is taken out to the dry cleaning shop to wash it, it is too dirty to clean and clean, the condition is limited, it is more difficult to clean. If you feel a little dirty, change the wool coat so that it is easier to dry clean.

The dust that flaps the coat

Dust the coat before dry cleaning. It may be invisible to the naked eye, but a slap will be obvious. Take the coat on the balcony. If the feather duster is the best, beat the dust on the coat with a feather duster. If not, you can use other suitable tools, or the dust on the coat with your hand.

Overcoat on a ironing board

If you had ironing boards at home, it would be best to put your overcoat on. If there is no ironing board, prepare a clean table and lay a layer of cloth on the table to ensure the cleanliness of the table. Then put the overcoat on the ironing board or desktop, the coat area is large, first wash the flat side, and then dry clean, then change the shop.

Warm water towel soaked with stains

Then use a clean towel and put it in warm water and then dry it. Lay on the stain on the coat. If the coat has no special dirty stains or dust, then it will not deliberately deal with the stain. Just spread the warm towel along the overcoat and let the warm water soak the coat. If there are dirty stains, apply a little wool cleaner to the stain and soak it in warm water towels.

Beat the stains with force

Next, he used a wooden stick to beat the coat hard with warm towels, and the dust and stains were brought out under the beating of the wooden club. If you don't have a stick, you can use a clean and powerful tool instead. Pay attention when clapping. It must be clapped on the towel, and you can't beat it directly on the coat.

Frequent replacement of wet towels

The towels soon cooled off, and the towel was changed. Wash and wash the dirty water on the towel, and then replace it with clean warm water. The same is done by rolling it on the coat and continuing to beat it with a stick. You can also prepare several warm water towels, which will save time.

Ironing along the coat lines

When the coat is handled well, the coat needs to be ironed, because the coat will wrinkle in the process of beating. First, the coat is not very wet. If it is wet, it needs to be put in a ventilated place to dry half. Attention must be half dry. If it is too dry, it will not be able to iron.

Insolation in the sun

After the coat is pressed, the final drying process is finished. Woolen overcoat can not be exposed to the big sun, it will damage the wool fabric. In the ventilating place, you can also see the place where the sun is shining, and the whole process of dry cleaning wool coat is finished at home.

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