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How To Do The Silk Tie Folds
- May 06, 2018 -

How to do the silk tie folds

For men's accessories, we will first think of tie, belt and so on, very limited, so the delicate man will always have one or two silk neckties, the more precious the more delicate, the silk tie on the top, still need a lot of attention. What does the common problem do with the silk tie folds? The double interest tie manufacturer will arrange the answers for you.

The silk tie has many folds and ironing

When ironing, it is cut into a necktie with a cardboard or a tie shaped with a white paper. It is stuffed into the necktie lining and then ironed gently in order to prevent the ironing of the sides too dead or the cloth to be ironed, but it is appropriate to use low middle temperature and fast ironing, so as to avoid the phenomenon of yellowing and "Aurora".

Less wrinkles in silk neckties, with wine bottles

If the tie has a slight wrinkle, it can be tightly wrapped on a clean wine bottle, and wrinkles can disappear every other day.

The above two methods can effectively solve the problem of silk tie wrinkles. Of course, there are many more excellent folk tools. A double tie manufacturer provides you with a high quality silk tie custom service, whether it's a company group, a casual tie, a variety of silk ties, and so on, to make a real silk tie for you.

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