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How To Cut The Silk Fabric To Be More Beautiful
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Silk fabrics are lightweight and colorful, and can be used as women's shirts or dresses. Because it has the characteristics of slipping, floatation and expansion, the tailoring of silk fabrics must have some skills. The amount of shrinkage of silk after washing is large. In order to ensure the size fits of the garment, it must be dropped, dry and ironed.

When cutting, pay special attention to laying the yarn path of the weft yarn in order to prevent the deformation of the cutting piece. You can first put a flat blanket or thick cloth on the table and the case, and you can also spray a little water on the material to make it slightly damp. To make this kind of fabric, we need to loosen up and down the sewing machine.

Use the needle nine to eleven, pull the hands slightly before and after sewing, so that the stitched stitches are not wrinkled. When sewing cuffs, bottom edge, bag and so on, the method of "water line" can be used, that is, after a thicker line is soaked, it needs discounted width lines, hold the two ends of the line by hand, tighten the line, make the clothes fold in the wet line, so that the folded edge will be buckled. In order to ensure the dress of the front and back of the dress long, neat, accurate, can also use the method of three-dimensional folding base, that is, after the basic clothes made, let the wearer try to wear the height of the length of the front and back clothes, the front and back of the front, the bottom of the body after the tension, then sew.

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