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How To Clean The Clothes Of Wool Fabric?
- Jul 30, 2018 -

How to clean the clothes of wool fabric
Wool fabric cleaning method:
Please check the clothing label first. If the wool fabric can be washed, please clean it as follows.
1. Take dust before washing, then soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes. (Wool fabric will shrink and deform in aqueous solution above 30 °C, so cold water should be soaked for a short time);
2. Gently rub the clothes in the water of Blue Moon Silk Cleansing Liquid or Blue Moon Laundry Liquid. Remember to wash vigorously. If you want to machine wash, choose light file (washing temperature °C does not exceed 40 °C);
3, rinse with clean water, take out and squeeze dry.
1. Wool fabrics are recommended to dry clean as much as possible;
2, wool fabric is not alkali resistant, if the water should be washed with neutral detergent-free detergent, it is best to use wool special detergent. If washing with a washing machine, use a drum washing machine and choose a soft program. If you wash your hands, it is best to wash them gently. Do not use the washboard.
3, wool fabric can not use chlorine bleaching liquid, can be used oxygen bleaching; use squeeze washing, avoid twisting, squeeze water, flat dry or half-hanging dry; wet plastic or semi-dry plastic, can In addition to wrinkles, do not expose to the sun; use a softener to maintain a soft hand and antistatic. Deep colors are generally faded and should be washed separately.

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