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How Many Kinds Of Bow Tie Are Playing?
- Nov 10, 2018 -

Flat knot

Ping tie is one of the most popular bow ties for men, and is suitable for tie ties of all kinds of materials.

Tie method

Bow tie method (9 sheets)

Tip: a hole formed below the bow tie.

Both sides should be uniform and lined.

Such holes are usually only made of silk neckties. [2]

Double Knot

A fine-textured tie with a double-ring knot can create a sense of fashion, suitable for young workers to choose. Characteristics of the bow tie completed

That is, the first lap will be out of second circles. Don't deliberately cover it up. [2]

windsor knot

Windsor knots are suitable for wide collar shirts, and the bow tie should be more horizontal. Avoid wearing too thick ties and not too big bow ties.

Double cross junction

Such a bow tie is easy to make people feel elegant and grand, suitable for formal occasions. The bow tie should be used in plain colors.

And the silk necktie, if the collars with big Lapel shirts are not only suitable but also have a sense of honor.

The Prince Albert Knot

Suitable for Romantic button-collar and pointed collar shirts with soft and slim tie of Romantic material. The correct way is to reserve a long space at the wide edge and stick together as much as possible in the second circle.

You can finish this perfect knot.

Four hand knot (single knot)

It is the easiest hand to use in all bow ties, and is suitable for all kinds of romantic series of shirts and ties.

Romantic knot

Romance is a perfect knot.

So it is suitable for all kinds of romantic collars and shirts to press the wide edge under the tie with crepe fold to reduce the narrow edge of the tie and to move it left and right so that a small part of the tie appears next to the wide edge.

Simple knot

It is also called a carriage knot. It is suitable for tie with thicker material. It is most suitable for shirts with standard and button necklines to flip the wide edge up and down 180 degrees.

And fold the fold in the rear, and then adjust the tie length after completion.

It is the most common form.


This knot is also called semi Windsor knot. It is very elegant and rare.

It is also more complicated to play with a thin necktie.

Most suitable for matching with romantic collar and standard neckline.

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