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How Do The Silk Tie Wash Deformed
- Apr 20, 2018 -

How do the silk tie wash deformed

Hang it on the clothes rack immediately, so that it can volatilize water droplets naturally when it is ventilated.

Cleaning aspects:

When the tie is used for a period of time, it is easy to get dirty. It should not be washed by the lower sailors and washed in the washing machine. It should be sent to the dry cleaning shop, and the professional washer should be cleaned. Otherwise, it will fade and shrink and create a wrinkled feeling. If it's not very dirty, you can do it yourself. One is wet washing. The generals are placed on a paper template with a soft brush or foam plastic dipped in a few diluted cleaners, and then wiped out with dry towels and scrubbed with a clean wet towel. The two is dry cleaning. Dip the soft brush into a small amount of gasoline and brush the stains along the warp and weft threads of the necktie fabric. After the volatile smell of the gasoline is evaporated, wipe it several times with a clean wet towel.

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