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Historical Legends About Ties
- Mar 18, 2018 -

Wearing a regular suit and wearing a beautiful tie is beautiful and dignified. However, a tie that symbolizes civilization is evolved from uncivilized. The earliest ties can be traced back to the period of the ancient Rome empire. Then the soldiers wore chest scarf, it is used to wipe the knife wiping cloth used in combat, knife to a scarf, can wipe off the blood. Therefore, most modern neckties are striped patterns, which originate in this.

The tie has gone through a long and interesting development in Britain.



Britain was originally a long backward country. In the middle ages, the British people ate pigs, cattle and mutton as main food, and did not use knives or forks or chopsticks when eating, but they grabbed a large piece of their hands and chew them on the lips. As there was no shaving tool at that time, adult men were all with big beards, and when they were eating, they smeared their moustache and wiped them with their sleeves. Women often want to wash the clothes stained with grease man. After they came in not to mind taking the trouble, a countermeasure, in a man's collar hanging a piece of cloth, can be used to wipe the mouth, and nail pieces small stones on the cuff, when men again according to the old habits with sleeve cazui, stones will be scratched. British men for many, many years to come, get rid of the uncivilized behavior, while hanging on the collar and cuffs of cloth hanging on the small stones naturally become the British coat of traditional appendages. Later, it evolved into a popular Ornament - neckties tied to the neck and buttons on the cuffs, and gradually became the fashion of the world. When does human tie tie, why tie a tie and what is the earliest tie? This is a problem that is difficult to examine. Because there are few historical records of the neckties, there are few direct evidence for the necktie, and many legends about the origin of ties are different. To sum up, there are the following statements.

Tie said that a tie protection originated in the Germanic Germanic people living in the deep mountains and forests in thenascent, dressed in animal skins weatherizing, in order not to let the skin down, they used the rope tied around his neck, tied to the skins. As a result, the wind is not blowing in from the neck, both warm to wind, then they neck rope discovered by Westerners, and gradually improve the tie. Others thought that the tie originated from the fishermen at the seaside, and the fishermen went fishing in the sea. Because the sea breeze was big and cold, the fishermen wore a ribbon around their necks to keep them warm and windy. Protect the body in order to adapt to the geographical environment and climatic conditions, is an objective factor produced by the rope, tie, belt is the most primitive tie. The necktie function says that the origin of the territorial integrity is due to the needs of people's life, which has some use, and there are two kinds of legends. A cloth that is believed to have originated under the collar of British men for men's mouths. Before the industrial revolution, Britain was also a backward country, eating meat and grabbing it by hand, and then chewing it to the mouthpiece with large chunks. The grown-up man was also popular with his beard. The big meat was greasy when he chew the big piece of meat, and the men used to rub it with their sleeves. In order to deal with this man does not love clean, women in a man's collar hung a piece of cloth for their cazui, in the course of time, this piece of cloth under the collar became the British coat of traditional appendages. After the industrial revolution, Britain has developed into a developed capitalist country. People are very particular about food and clothing, and the cloth under the collar has become a tie.

Another legend holds that the tie is the era of the Rome Empire, and the army used it for the purpose of preventing cold and dustproof. The army to fight for her husband, wife, friends for friends to give similar scarves scarf hanging on their necks, bandage to stop bleeding in the war. Later, in order to distinguish the soldiers, the company, the use of different colored scarves, and then the evolution and development to today, become the necessities of professional clothing.

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