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Guide Style Guide
- May 06, 2018 -

Guide style guide

There are many brands in the necktie industry, and the quality of the products is uneven. The consumers will always face the choice problem when they choose and buy. They don't know what to buy and how to buy the tie. What is more worth buying? By the brand data support provided by the market survey, you can get the necktie worth buying for your reference. To help you pick out a good necktie product.

Style classification of neckties

Necktie is the indispensable ornament for men in the workplace. It is the most revealing part of elite men's business attire. A prize often makes white collar men dress brightly. Generally, the size of the tie is marked with the width of the widest part of the lower swing. The size of the tie is 7 cm -12 cm. At present, it is usually seen in the domestic market with a wide tie of 11-12 centimeters. With the growing popularity of the fine tie, the narrow tie of 8-10 centimeters is becoming more and more popular and is favored by young men.

1. The administrative series of ties

Designed for white-collar workers, the pattern is based on eternal dots, twill and lattices. High quality material, elegant and generous.

2, late suit series tie

The series pays special attention to the fluorescent effect on the tie. On the background of the deep necktie, the bright and crisscross lines or stars sparkled with bright stars.

3. A casual tie

Relaxed, casual, necktie decorations cover the need for etiquette. Therefore, cartoon dolls, flowers, characters and so on also climbed up the tie, specifically used for T-shirt, leisure suits.

4. A series of neckties

Exaggerated colors and grotesque patterns reveal the series of deviation sentences and become the pets pursued by the avant-garde. Purple red, indigo, tile yellow and so on are their standard colors. It is specially designed for men dressed in fancy clothes and accessories.

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