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Do Civil Servants Have A Tie For The Interview
- Mar 08, 2018 -

In a civil service interview, men should wear a tie.

In men's interviews, tie is often the first concern. It can show different ages, backgrounds, tastes, styles and personalities in different languages. There was such a story: a person who applied for a job didn't wear a tie when he came to the interview. The interviewee of the employer gave him 30 dollars, and told him "please buy a tie and interview again". This is enough to show the importance of the tie in the interview. So how do you choose a tie at the interview? Speaking of men's ties, Dr. Lydia, a risk manager of Swiss bank, said, "in interviews, I don't want to see exaggerated, tasteless and bad ties, because they will constantly distract my attention. There is no doubt that the tie has given me the basis for judging the character of the other person in the first impression of the interview. I want to see a conservative, implicit, tasteful tie.

It takes a lot of knowledge to choose a suitable tie for an interview.

For interviewees, necktie fabric should be made of pure silk or 50% wool and 50% real silk, because the necktie produced by this kind of fabric has the best professional effect, and its elegance is the best and the easiest way to play. And the choice of color should be a deep color, such as dark red, gray and blue. The scarlet necktie is considered to be the most authoritative and trusted tie. The gray and blue tie implied to the interviewer: "my wearer is a genuine and trustworthy person." In the design to avoid with polka dots, pictures (such as animal, dog first), sports image (such as horse clubs and golf clubs etc.) and tie designer logo. Many interviewers think that the logo is especially unpleasant, and it makes people lack a sense of security, as if they need a designer's approval to prove their dress taste. In addition, the tie of the star and beauty pattern does not appear in the interview. Can choose the pattern of subtle, simple shape, such as tie, vertical stripes, fabrics and inconspicuous spiral cloth are the choice can accept interview, or directly select monochrome tie.

Tie tie details must be clean, smooth and stiff, not flawed, thread, broken wire, or fade deformation signs. Tie to get solid, straight, thick and symmetrical, not loose, relatively thick tie knot makes people look more confident, and symmetrical tie knot is elegant. The length of the tie and belt buckle at the appropriate width should be roughly and suit jacket and chest Lapel similar.

So choose a suitable tie to give yourself a big bonus.

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