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Detailed Introduction To Jacquard Fabric
- Mar 25, 2018 -

Detailed introduction to jacquard fabric

The process from the original waist machine jacquard stitch, the Han Dynasty, this process has been used for oblique and horizontal loom loom. Jacquardstitch fabric organization name. A color organization of knitted fabrics, also called "large pattern tissue". The knitting yarn pad on the selected in accordance with requirements of the pattern woven into a circle formation. Jacquard can be formed in weft knitted or warp knitted, single or double knitted fabrics. Fabric composed of a larger pattern, patterns are more complex, such as brocade, satin, silk portrait, landscape and silk fabric such as jacquard quilt is. Jacquard organizations need to be woven with jacquard looms. Weft knitted jacquard organization consists of two or more than two a jacquard woven into the loop system course. Each circle system in circle according to those who need to choose the knitting pattern, unlooped needles out of work, the new yarn is not into the knitting needle on the pad, but not from the old coil on the needleoff, until the 10% ring system carried out into the circle to circle and line jacquard to coil on the newly formed.

Three color jacquard weft three color jacquard by three a jacquard woven into the loop system course. Which were red, black and white line in 1, 2, 3 woven into the ring system, so that the front line by three color bar to form a row, opposite by two color lines separated by a one arrangement consisting of a row. There are many kinds of weft knitted jacquard, which can be divided into single and double sides according to the structure, and can be divided into monochromatic and polychromatic colors according to color. One side jacquard weave can be divided into two kinds of jacquard weave and uneven jacquard tissue according to the size of the coil. Uneven jacquard weave is widely used in socks and outer garment fabrics. The two sided jacquard tissue is divided into complete jacquard tissue and incomplete jacquard tissue according to the structure. In each of the 10% ring system, all the needle plate in the opposite coil knitting needle and the formation of the organization, said the organization fully jacquard;

Dial a needle every organization formed in weaving called incomplete jacquard. Commonly used in the production of incomplete jacquard fabric, pattern clear, stable structure, extensibility and raveling smaller. The flower shape of weft knitted jacquard fabric can be changed arbitrarily within a certain range, and is widely used in all kinds of clothes and ornaments. Jacquard warp knitting machine is a woven in the process, some needle without pad yarn and delamination and the formation of elongated coil organization. In the formation of this organization, not completely comb through the needle, and the air through the corresponding yarn guide needle of yarn and yarn is not closed, so the new into the knitting needle on the pad, but not from the old coil on the needleoff, thus forming the elongated coil. Flower jacquard warp plate used to make the selected needle without silence, flowers notch plate and comb must be worn in the space corresponding to the yarn guide needle, flower clips must also cooperate with the comb, moving together. The warp knitted jacquard organization is widely used for clothes and ornaments.

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