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Detailed Classification Of Ties
- Apr 15, 2018 -

Detailed classification of ties

Necktie application classification:

Executive Series: for white-collar workers, the design is based on eternal dots, twill and lattices. High quality material, elegant and generous.

Evening series: this series pays special attention to the tie on the fluorescent effect. Deep color tie, Jingwei staggered lines or stars as the distribution of the highlights of the shiny, star flavor.

Leisure series: relaxed, casual, necktie decorations and etiquette needs. Therefore, cartoon dolls, flowers and personas and so on also crawled on ties, which is specially used for matching T-shirts and leisure suits.

The new trend series: exaggerated colors and grotesque patterns reveal the series of deviation sentences and become the pets pursued by the avant-garde. Purple red, indigo, tile yellow and so on are their standard colors. For men, wearing outlandish costume and ornaments.

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