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Collocation Knowledge Of Business Ties At Different Times
- Mar 11, 2018 -

Collocation knowledge of business ties at different times

Shirts and ties are a man's match. Whether it is a job or a casual occasion, the collocation of shirts and ties is essential for men. Don't know how to tie, tie collocation business and leisure, we look at how the metrosexual man are collocation, not create fashion, fashion of learning.

(1) collocation in spring

Occupation wear color features: should choose a camel, brown, and gray blue suit as a slightly high saturation color, try to avoid using black, dark gray, navy blue suit for color.

Shirt: we should choose light and bright color.

Business tie, uniform tie: choose the bright, bright color of the color group.

(2) summer color collocation

Occupation wear color features: choose blue, blue, grey suit for cool color, avoid using dark brown suit color series.

Shirt: choose the color light gray, blue, purple, pink and soft.

Tie: choose a light, soft, elegant business tie and a uniform tie in the color group.

(3) autumn color collocation

Color features of professional wear: we should choose dark, dark blue, olive and other deep tone warm colors as suits, try to avoid black, gray and high saturation blue suits.

Shirt: choose the yellow as the base, elegant and stable color.

Tie: choose a strong business tie in the color group.

(4) winter color collocation

Color characteristics of professional clothing: it is appropriate to choose dark, gray, blue and other dark colors as a suit color, and avoid using brown series as a suit color.

Shirt: choose white, bright ice color system.

Tie: choose a bright, bright business tie in the color group.

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