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Characteristics Of Wool Fabric
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Characteristics of wool fabric
Wool fabrics have a certain proportion of wool fabrics as well as full wool fabrics of pure wool fabrics:
100% wool, soft and elastic, with a stiff body, no plate, no bad. It has a glare, pure color and natural softness. The worsted hand is mostly thin and medium, the surface is smooth and smooth, the texture is exquisite and delicate, the texture is clear, and the drape is good. Most of the coarse-spun types are medium-thick and thick, and the surface is full, the texture is fluffy or dense, and the hand feels warm and rich. The pure wool fabric is clasped by hand, and the gripper is basically free of wrinkles after being loosened. It has a slight crease and can be removed in a short time, and is quickly restored.
Chemical fiber wool fabric:
Polyester wool-like fabric: mostly worsted, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the texture is clear. The luster and color are not as soft as the pure wool fabric, and some are slightly shiny and slightly dazzling. Polyester wool-like fabrics have a firm feel and good resilience, but lack the softness and richness of pure wool fabrics. They have different degrees of stiffness and roughness due to different wool processing. There is almost no wrinkle after the pinch is released. The warmth and fullness are not as good as pure wool fabric.
Acrylic wool-like fabric: The texture is lighter and fluffy than the pure wool fabric, the hand feels warm and soft, and the hair feel is strong. The color is bright, but not soft enough, it is glaring. The stiffness is not as good as the polyester-like wool fabric, which is generally elastic and has creases after grasping. The drape is not good and some are frivolous.
Viscose-like wool fabric: Glossy dullness, lacking the radiance of natural animal hair. Feeling weak, the body is not stiff. Poor resilience, it is difficult to bounce immediately after the fabric is loosened, easy to wrinkle and difficult to recover. After wearing, the surface is easy to fluff, and the fabric is hard and bun after wet water.
Wool and chemical fiber blended fabric:
The texture characteristics are between pure wool fabric and chemical fiber wool fabric, and there are corresponding differences according to the proportion of blending and the degree of wool processing.
Wool and polyester blended fabric, the gloss lacks softness, and the feel is between pure wool fabric and polyester wool fabric. It is crisp and drape, and the body is somewhat stiff and obvious with the increase of polyester content. Wrinkle resistance is better than pure wool fabric; wool and acrylic blended fabric, good hair feel, full face and soft texture. Wrinkle resistance is generally not enough to hang; wool and nylon blended fabric, the hand feels somewhat hard and the wrinkle resistance is good. The wool type is not as good as the woolen nitrile fabric; the wool and viscose blended fabric has a dull gloss, good resilience and easy wrinkle. The worsted type has a soft feel like cotton. The woollen type is soft and not enough.

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