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Characteristics Of Wool Fabric
- May 13, 2018 -

Characteristics of wool fabric

Wool fabric has a certain proportion of wool fabrics and wool fabrics: pure wool fabric:

100% the wool is soft and elastic, and its body is clean and smooth. It has light texture, pure color and natural luster. Worsted large hands are mostly thin and medium-sized, with smooth finish, fine texture, clear texture and good drape. Most of the coarse woollen fabrics are of medium thickness and thickness. They are plump, texture or fluffy or dense, and feel warm and rich. Pure wool fabric is clasped by hand and grasped and loosened. It has no wrinkle and has slight creases. It can also fade away in a short time and will soon be leveled.

Chemical fiber wool like fabric:

Polyester wool like fabrics: mostly worsted fabrics, with smooth, smooth surface and clear texture. Gloss and color are not as natural as those of pure wool fabrics, and some are slightly shiny and slightly dazzling. Polyester wool like fabric has a strong sense of hand feeling and good resilience, but it lacks the soft sense of pure wool fabric and the feeling of rich and glutinous, with different degrees of stiffness and rough feeling because of the different wool like processing. Clutching and pinching almost no wrinkles. The warmth and fullness are not as good as the pure wool fabric.

Acrylic wool like fabric: its texture is lighter and fluffy than pure wool fabric, its handle is warm and soft, and its wool type is strong. The color is bright, but not soft enough, some glare. The sense of superiority is less than that of polyester wool like fabric. The elasticity is general, and there are creases after grabbing. The sense of draping is poor and some flirtatious.

Viscose wool like fabric: luster is dim and lacks the light feeling of natural animal fur. The feeling of the hand is weak and the body is not strong. It is difficult to rebound immediately after the fabric is grasped and loosened. It is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to recover. The surface is easy to coat after wearing, and the fabric is hard and rough after wet water.

Wool and chemical fiber blended fabric:

The texture characteristics are between the pure wool fabric and the chemical fiber wool like fabric, and there are corresponding differences according to the proportion of blending and the degree of wool processing.

Wool and polyester blend fabric, luster lack of soft sense, hand feeling is between pure wool fabric and polyester wool like fabric, neat, draping, a bit stiff bone, and with the increase of polyester content and obvious.  Wrinkle resistance is better than pure wool fabric; wool and acrylic blended fabric has a good sense of wool shape, full face and soft texture. Wrinkle resistance is generally not enough for drape. Wool and nylon blended fabrics have some hard handle and good crease resistance. Wool shape is not better than wool nitrile fabric; wool and viscose blended fabric has lighter luster and less resilience, which is easy to crease. The worsted is like the soft collapse of cotton. Woolen soft loose, not strong enough.


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