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Characteristics Of Jacquard Fabric
- Mar 25, 2018 -

Jacquard fabric is widely used, not only making casual pants, sportswear, suit, and also the bed material. Fabric made of clothing and comfort



Well, it's very popular. "Stretch satin fabric with polyester" light FDY 50D*DTY75D+ spandex 40D as raw materials, with satin weave in jet loom woven by warp with bright yarn, the fabric has a charm, a thin, soft, elastic, comfortable, shiny advantages such as fabric market occupied a space for one person.

Low elastic polyester fiber as raw materials, fabrics with satin weave structure change of texture in air-jet loom weaving, and then through the fabric desizing shrinking, softening treatment, breathable fabrics are particularly good, and feel soft and smooth, fabric width is 150cm.

The demand is more exuberant, the customer looks the sample order to stir to increase, the weaving production and marketing is two prosperous, the market grey cloth transaction price is about 5.80 yuan / meters. In addition, twisting Satin has been mainly used for clothing manufacturers optimistic, casual pants, sportswear, and bed material, the utility model has the advantages of dyeing and printing. China market price at 4.40 yuan / meter.

The new fabric jacquard satin set comfort, modern art, in one sense, with its seductive charm to attract the customers closely, its sales are also quite good.

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