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Brief Introduction And Production Process Of Jacquard Knitted Fabric
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Brief introduction and production process of jacquard knitted fabric


There are many kinds of jacquard fabrics. In the process of weaving jacquard knitting needle, all in a ring, is completely jacquard


It is called incomplete jacquard meridional configuration.


The general production process of jacquard, the factory according to the customer's sample or color manuscript + fabric specifications, so that professional production of plank board and machine processing plant design process, making board. Then, according to the process of feeding, dyeing (color weaving), doing axis (probably 2 or 3), adjusting dragon hook, hanging wire, wearing (on the loom), loading board, adjusting the machine weft density, test car for flower shape, open, grey fabric repair, after finishing, maturing and packing out of the factory.

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