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Basic Recognition Of Fabric Properties
- Jun 10, 2018 -

Basic recognition of fabric properties
Correctly analyzing and identifying fabric properties and applying it to clothing design accurately and reasonably is a basic knowledge that every designer needs to master. Otherwise, wrong identification of fabrics may cause problems in the design, production, wearing, or washing of the entire clothing. The identification of apparel fabrics includes the identification of raw materials for apparel fabrics, the identification of appearance features, and the identification of appearance quality. Observing and identifying fabrics not only uses vision, but also uses hearing, touch and even smell. Such as the use of the visual effects of the eyes to watch the fabric of light and shade, dyeing, surface thickness and appearance characteristics of texture, lines and fibers, such as pure cotton cloth ordinary gloss, appearance is not fine, rough and even nep impurities, wool and polyester blended The velvety sheen is brighter and has a glittering sensation. The body bone is slightly harder and loses its softness, and it stands out as the content of polyester increases. Lack of soft softness, fabric stiffness. Flat and smooth; hand and hand feel can be used to sense the softness, hardness, smoothness, thickness, elasticity, coldness and warmth of fabrics and fibers, and the strength and elongation of yarns in the fibers can also be measured by hand.
Different fabrics have different breathability, moisture absorption, warmth and other properties, such as cotton fabrics have good permeability and moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, warmth is good, is the best children's clothing fabrics. Select the fabric to confirm the fabric's breathability, heat preservation, hygroscopicity, electrostatic properties and other properties, and then consider the stiffness of the fabric, weight, hardness and drape to consider what it is suitable for what kind of modeling, what to do Such styles and so on.
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