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As A Gift, How To Choose A Casual Tie
- Mar 11, 2018 -

As a gift, how to choose a casual tie

Choose a casual tie as a gift

(1) how old is the age

The size of the age to a great extent decided to fold choose leisure tie tone, generally 20 - 30 year olds, can choose the color of the leisure leisure tie, color is very bright, flower shape is more generous; mature male 30 - 40 years old, general business started to develop or have reached a high level, their the mentality has been very stable, they are more concerned with their "mature charm", make their own mature young passion again beyond and immature, for them, choose leisure tie as a gift must be bright but not publicity, dark red, dark blue, should be the mainstream color; men over the age of 40, has been over the age of 40, in addition to their steady state of mind, began a naive idea, they began to yearn for youthful vitality, so choose leisure tie, you can select a deep The color system, can choose the bright color system, they will not refuse your kindness, the dark looks mature, the bright color appears that he is still full of vitality.

(2) what color does he like

You know he love tone? As he played the leisure tie is what color? He wore shirt with his suit is what color? What color? These are according to your gift, he will not be because of a tie you sent to buy a suit, so you send leisure tie, is the best color or floral immediately he can match, he will think that you are really looking at him, understand him, your gift multiplier effect oh!

(3) what is his job

To be honest, the gift of a casual tie should also pay attention to the best price ratio. If the recipient is the high-end business people, you do not save money, want to buy famous brand, good quality, because their life is relatively high, how can he ten thousand piece suit to make a $80 leisure tie ah, to tell the truth, it is a look out not in tune. If he is an ordinary white-collar, it can be a mid-range brand or a medium price. They not only value the brand, but also the quality is a good choice. Practicality is their pursuit.

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