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A Tie That You Need To Pay Attention To
- Mar 11, 2018 -

A tie that you need to pay attention to

As a man, no matter what career he is engaged in, he always has some contact with tie or bow tie. What questions do I need to pay attention to when I need to wear tie or bow tie one day? After all, the bad treatment will always be a joke.

Tie can be said is the dress of the soul, has played a role. When attending an important occasion, such as company annual meeting, banquet, negotiation, wedding and so on, it is best to wear a tie or bow tie while wearing a suit, and the tie length to the buckle is the best.

When it's cold, we always wear vest or woolen sweater outside the shirt. At this time, tie should be placed at the back, and shirt will be ready.

If you need to wear a tie clip, it is usually sandwiched between fourth shirts and fifth buttons.

Here incidentally, when wearing a suit, shirt sleeve to suit 1~2 cm long sleeves, the collar of a shirt collar suit than about 1 cm high, so it does not appear the man wrapped in a suit, is people who are mentally, very formal occasions, pay attention to the shirt white, don't tie it, remember the shirt collar should open a little.

The tie is one of the classic men's accessories, will tie is not surprising, after all, we will play the red scarf, playing good attractive, will more than ten kinds of tie game, you will be at the cross.

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