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What is jacquard cotton?
- Feb 09, 2018 -

1. Do you think this name is more dumb? There is also a name of "cotton jacquard", which is woven by the interweave of longitude and latitude lines, we must understand that the jacquard cotton pattern is textile up and Unlike printed cotton embroidered up or printed up. Jacquard cotton fabrics are generally divided into synthetic jacquard and cotton jacquard, very healthy. It is applicable to a wide range, but also easier to take care of, very suitable for everyday wear.

2. Not only as a bedding is also very suitable, because it is very thin, supple, breathable and very good, it is suitable for all kinds of people, like the elderly, children, sub-healthy people are more suitable. The disadvantage is easy to fade, but also easy to lose flexibility after a long trial.

3. In addition, jacquard cotton textile methods also have a lot of way. Thus the sensory effects produced are not the same, then everyone's choice will be more. However, jacquard cotton washing and maintenance methods are more troublesome, we still have to make it clear before the choice is better.

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