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Tie in the UK
- Feb 09, 2018 -

The tie has experienced a long and interesting development in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom was originally a long-term backward country. In the Middle Ages, the British used pigs, cattle and mutton as their staple food, and instead of using knives and forks or chopsticks when eating, Play a large piece of chewing in the mouth. Because at that time no shaving tools, adult men are full of matted bearded, eating, dirty beard to wipe with sleeves. Women often wash such grease-soaked clothes for men. After taking the trouble, they figured out a countermeasure. Hanging a piece of cloth under the collar of a man can be used to pout at any time, while nipping a few small stones on the cuffs, When wiping the mouth, it will be scratched by stones. As time goes by, British men have changed their uncivilized behavior, and the cloth hanging under the collar and the small stones clinging to the cuffs have naturally become the traditional appendages of British men's jackets. Later, it evolved into a popular ornament - the neck tie and buttoned cuffs, and has gradually become the world's popular style. When did human beings begin to tie their ties? Why tie the tie? What is the earliest tie? This is an issue that is difficult to verify. Because there are few historical records of ties, there are few direct evidences for examining ties, and there are many legends about the origin of ties.

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